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            Specific uses of rubber powderPosted by On 2021-11-04

            When it comes to the disposal of waste materials, many people sneer, thinking that it is a begging and tattered business. In fact, with the improvement of my country’s productivity level and the enhancement of scientific independent innovation capabilities, more and more industries that were wasteful in the past have become high-potential sunshine industries with huge wealth.
            Below, Kun Rong will introduce some main uses of rubber powder:
            Waterproof building materials industry: today’s waterproof materials such as rubber asphalt coils, waterproof ointment, etc.;
            Expressway: In the past, only asphalt was used, but now the national high-grade pavement needs to be mixed with rubber powder, which not only reduces the cost, but also increases the service life;
            Stadium runways, airplane runways, and golf courses are all made of waste rubber powder;
            Activated rubber powder: process waste rubber into 60-80 meshes, directly used as activated rubber powder, or directly used as rubber products (automobile tires, auto parts, conveyor belts, mudguards, dust covers, shoe soles and shoe cores, Elastic bricks, rings and pads, etc.), so that the reclaimed rubber process can reduce many processes at a time, and the demand for activated rubber powder is large, and the prospect is broad;
            Color composite rubber floor tiles: Anti-static floor tiles, using granular waste rubber powder, use a unique process to make color composite floor tiles and anti-static floor, suitable for swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom and computer control center room, waterproof or anti-static The use of electrostatic field has good prospects and considerable profits;
            Incorporating rubber powder into other products: such as motor vehicle brake pads, flame-retardant materials, sound insulation materials, rubber and plastic bottoms, window sealing tapes, packaging materials, turnover boxes, bathtubs, water tanks, agricultural water-saving irrigation pipes, and waterproofing Coils, etc.;
            Composite coating: chemical sealant, the rubber powder is made into composite coating for rubber composite tile coating, exterior wall coating, anti-corrosion coating and other industries;
            Activated carbon production: With the sharp price increase of new rubber powder worldwide, the future of reclaimed rubber powder is broader, and the application of waste rubber is developing in a direction where demand exceeds supply.

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